If you are starting on a new SAP PI/PO or even a CPI migration how do you start working on it?  

  • A series or resources that will make your migration easier to have a way to understand what is going on in your landscape
  • There is a lot of different types of migration that you must understand
  • Dual Stack to Single Stack, this is probably the most difficult one because it is very old technology
  • Upgrade from 7.31 to 7.5
  • Migration from Seeburger to B2B Add-on
  • Or a combination of the above listed points 

Speed up your process 

At Figaf we have developed tools that allow you to handle the full migration procedure lot faster. The schemas have changed which mean that you must change all your mappings. There are different ways around it but they all require a lot of extra work and is difficult to maintain.

We have a tool that allows you to take the current Message Mapping with the Seeburger schema, and then convert it to a B2B Add-on mapping with the new structure. It speeds up the process from hours to just 3 minutes.

Want to try the Figaf tool for free?

When working with clients I normally have 7 step plan, with the main areas to focus on in any migration. You will get this together a lot of other resources for your SAP migration.

Get access to our 7 step guide to migrate from Seeburger to B2B Add-on without interrupting the business.